The stainless steel market

On 3rd March 2016 the meeting “The stainless steel market” took place at the Confcommercio Union in Corso Venezia 47, Milan. The subject was:

  • How has the framework of the distribution system changed?
  • Production and consumption market data: stagnation or recovery?
  • European and non-European overall situation
  • The trend in raw material prices

The event was organized by Centro Inox and Assofermet, the National Association of distribution, marketing, and steel products pre-processing companies as well as traders of non-ferrous metals, ferrous scrap and metalware.

Euroacciai, that is affiliated to Centro Inox, attended the meeting.

The conference aimed to take stock of stainless steel market situation in our Country, both inside and outside Europe.

The meeting focused not only on the developments of production, traditional and emerging consumer sectors, but especially on the stainless steel suppliers and trading centers.